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Memory Games to Keep You Sharp as You Age

Just like a muscle in your body, your brain benefits when you exercise it. You can improve your memory, problem-solving skills, response time and overall cognitive function if you engage in brain training. This is especially important for older adults because it can delay the onset of cognitive decline.

There are a lot of games for the brain to choose from. They’re a great way to get the cognitive training you need, and they’re also just fun to play.

Whether you use a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or good old cards and board games, here are some of the best brain training games.

5 Digital Games for the Brain:

  • Lumosity it’s a website or on an app that offers many cognitive training and memory games. You can have limited access for free, or pay for a subscription that gives you much more access and lets you track your progress as your skill level improves.
  • Elevate an app that has over 30 brain training games and is free to use. There are in-app purchases available. These games have an educational feel and focus on reading, speaking and math. The app also lets you track your progress.
  • Braingle a free website that claims to have the world’s biggest collection of brain teasers. With over 15,000 games, puzzles, quizzes, codes and optical illusions, you’ll never run out of choices of games for the brain.
  • Peak an app for games that focus on cognitive function like short-term memory, mental focus and reaction time. If you choose to, you can compete against other players. The app offers both free and subscription options.
  • Happy Neuron a website that’s subscription-only with a free trial period. It organizes its games into specific areas of cognitive function: short-term memory, executive function, spatial relations, attention, and language. You can customize your own training and track your progress.

The vast majority of these games are designed specifically for cognitive training and are based on scientific research.

5 Board Games for the Brain: 

  • Checkers a classic and easy-to-follow favorite that’s great to play with the grandkids.
  • Chess­ The quintessential strategy game that requires concentration, focus, problem-solving and thinking several moves ahead. There are lots of online options and competitive groups.
  • Backgammon This is especially good to play with someone who enjoys a sense of competition to go along with critical thinking.
  • Dominos A game that’s easy to learn and requires concentration.
  • Scrabble The ultimate game to stretch your language skills specifically, which is a great way to train your brain in a specific area.

5 Games for the Brain with Digital or Paper Options

  • Jigsaw Puzzles Manually and visually satisfying, and can range from easy to extremely difficult.
  • Crossword Puzzles Probably the most popular test of language skills there is.
  • Sudoku Puzzles A fun way to sit quietly to think and problem-solve.
  • Word Searches A word game that’s easier than most, and great for a wide range of cognitive functions.
  • Card Games From Solitaire to Go Fish to Texas Hold Em, cards are classic for quiet thinking or raucous socializing. And there’s a game for just about every cognitive and skill level.

No matter whether you want to sit quietly and ponder a puzzle or brain teaser, or gather with friends and make a party of it, there are literally hundreds of games to choose from. And with such an abundance of websites offering games for the brain that are rooted in the scientific study of cognitive function, you’re sure to find plenty of games you’ll enjoy that match your skill level

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