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Month: September 2021

When Is It Time to Get a Hearing Aid?

Hearing loss often feels like it creeped into your life out of nowhere. One day, the sound coming from the TV was a bit more distant, and you found yourself having to ask your friends and loved ones to repeat themselves more often. While hearing loss often makes certain daily... read more

Is It Dementia or Mental Illness?

Have you noticed that your senior loved one has been struggling lately? If they’ve been prone to mood swings, are isolating themselves from the outside world, or seemingly can’t communicate the way they used to, it’s natural to be worried about them. But you may not be entirely sure what... read more

Senior Living for Couples

The decision to get married, the birth of your first child and transitioning to retirement, as a couple, you and your loved one have met every major life transition together. Now that you're both thinking about moving into a senior living community, you want to embrace the change together as... read more

Top Reasons to Stay Socially Active in Retirement

While it might not be a surprise that regular exercise is important to your health as you age, staying socially active in retirement is just as important.  Issues such as living alone, hearing loss and chronic health issues can make it difficult to make social connections. Finding yourself socially isolated... read more