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Month: July 2021

Heritage Senior Living Community Health Improvements

If the pandemic has brought anything to light for Heritage Senior Living, it’s the importance of protecting our staff, residents and their family members. While we’ve always made safety a priority in our Life Plan Community, the past year has taught us that going the extra mile is worth it... read more

How to Practice Emotional Well-Being: A Guide for Seniors

As you age, you understand the importance of focusing on your physical well-being. You try to stay active, eat healthy, and engage in a fitness routine that enhances your physical health. But how much attention are you paying to your emotional well-being? As you age, emotional health aspects can play... read more

Summer Foods and Recipes for Seniors

Summer is all about simplicity. It’s about enjoying the beauty of nature and everything the season has to offer. For seniors, it’s especially nice to get back outside again without having to bundle up or worry about slipping on the ice. So when you’re spending all this extra time outside,... read more

Why Move to Independent Living?

When you reach retirement age, you’re finally ready to start relaxing. But with retirement, you face a lot of decisions, ones you probably have never thought about before. Determining how you want to spend your time, where you want to spend your time, and what your future care looks like... read more