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Add This to Your New Year’s Resolution: Avoid the “Sitting Disease”

Many people spend the vast majority of their day sitting. Whether it’s working at a desk, reading, lounging or watching television, most of the tasks we’re called upon to complete every day don’t require full-body movement. This has become especially true since the pandemic shutdown, when people learned to function… read more

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Seniors

Some of the best holiday memories are made around the table. Family traditions, time with loved ones and generations sitting together are all part of the joy of the season. It’s a time of year we tend to feel most prosperous and grateful for all we have. It’s also a… read more

Coping with Holiday Stress as a Caregiver of an Older Parent

Being the primary caregiver of an aging parent is certainly rewarding, but can also at times be quite stressful. The holiday season can make things even harder on you. It’s supposed to be a joyous and celebratory time of year, but you simply have too much to do. You have… read more

Holiday Activities to Do with Your Older Relatives This Holiday Season in Monona, Wisconsin

The holiday season is upon us and there’s no better time of year to get out and about to see and experience the festivities! Madison and the nearby suburb of Monona, WI, are wonderful every day of the year, but the month of December makes them extra-special!   Here are… read more

30 Holiday Gift Ideas for Loved Ones in Assisted Living

The holidays can be the happiest time of year for so many of us. Getting together with family and friends, following traditions, and exchanging meaningful gifts make it truly a time of comfort and joy. Loved ones in assisted living may seem difficult to shop for, but we have so… read more

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