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Six Books for Your Book Club to Read this Summer

Getting lost in the pages of a great book is an excellent way to spend a hot summer day, but you can take the thrill of summer reading one step further by joining a book club for seniors. It’s a great way to meet new people, and together you can… read more

The Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors with Dementia 

Few things top the unconditional love and affection of a beloved pet — unless that pet is also a source of therapeutic relief. Pet therapy builds on the natural comfort that comes from engaging with animals, taking those benefits even further to help seniors manage stress, encourage movement and promote… read more

Lake-Life Retirement: The Health Benefits of Living Near Water

Crashing waves. The steady pitter-patter of rainfall. A gurgling brook or the soft rumble of a waterfall. Calming water sounds like these are among the most popular choices for sleep and relaxation soundtracks. Some might even say the only thing better is actually living near the shore, where you can… read more

Why Having a Sense of Purpose is Important for Healthy Aging

Eating well-balanced meals and getting exercise every day are important ways to protect your health as you age. Equally important is your mental health. If you’re like many retirees, you may find settling comfortably into retirement takes a little time as you get acquainted with this latest and greatest version… read more

The Differences Between Assisted Living and Memory Care

The moment you realize your loved one isn’t safe living on their own can be difficult and raise a lot of questions. How do I keep them safe while allowing them to live their best life? What is the right senior living option for them? As you start to consider… read more