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5 Facts About Alzheimer’s You Should Know

Alzheimer’s disease has been on the rise around the world for many years, and by now it’s common knowledge that an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is devastating to an entire family. The effects of the disease on memory loss and cognitive functioning are emotionally difficult to experience, or to see in a... read more

The Benefits of Assisted Living

The thought of moving from a family home into an assisted living community can be difficult for any senior to consider. Having worked so hard and made so many memories in a home can make moving on seem like a sad experience. But the end of one chapter is often... read more

Developing Meaningful Relationships with a Loved One Who Has Dementia

The symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease include memory loss and diminished function. These factors can greatly affect a person’s ability to interact with others. If you have a loved one who’s living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can seem difficult to maintain an emotional connection, especially as symptoms progress... read more

When Is It Time to Get a Hearing Aid?

Hearing loss often feels like it creeped into your life out of nowhere. One day, the sound coming from the TV was a bit more distant, and you found yourself having to ask your friends and loved ones to repeat themselves more often. While hearing loss often makes certain daily... read more

Is It Dementia or Mental Illness?

Have you noticed that your senior loved one has been struggling lately? If they’ve been prone to mood swings, are isolating themselves from the outside world, or seemingly can’t communicate the way they used to, it’s natural to be worried about them. But you may not be entirely sure what... read more

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