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Month: October 2021

5 Steps for Flu Prevention for Seniors

Flu season comes around every year, and it’s important for everyone to know how to minimize their risk of getting sick. People 65 and older are at a higher risk of developing serious illness and complications from the flu, because their immune systems can weaken with age. So it’s especially... read more

5 Facts About Alzheimer’s You Should Know

Alzheimer’s disease has been on the rise around the world for many years, and by now it’s common knowledge that an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is devastating to an entire family. The effects of the disease on memory loss and cognitive functioning are emotionally difficult to experience, or to see in a... read more

The Benefits of Assisted Living

The thought of moving from a family home into an assisted living community can be difficult for any senior to consider. Having worked so hard and made so many memories in a home can make moving on seem like a sad experience. But the end of one chapter is often... read more