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Wisconsin Memory Care

Dementia Care in Wisconsin at Heritage Senior Living

Heritage Senior Living’s Memory Care communities in Wisconsin provide specialized attention and care for those experiencing Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. No matter if you or a loved one are in need of dementia care in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, or anywhere else in Wisconsin, Heritage has just what you need! Each prospective resident receives a thorough assessment upon admission, ensuring their unique needs are met. Specially trained staff members are on-hand 24/7 to provide compassionate, individualized dementia care.

Milwaukee Dementia Care   •   Madison Dementia Care

All Heritage Memory Care Community Offerings

    • Full-time licensed nurses
    • Medication monitoring
    • Caregivers working closely with nurses & physicians
    • Ongoing staff training in memory care
    • Three meals a day
    • Personalized nutrition and dining programs
    • Health and wellness programs
    • Coordinated activities
    • Secured building access for resident safety
    • Sensory alarms for prompt assistance
    • Uncomplicated design that eliminates dead-ends
    • Interior garden courtyards

Cutting Edge Memory Care Technology

Heritage Senior Living is well known for our top of the line tech like Vayyar Fall Detection, TruLoo, and more for senior living, so of course we also have industry leading programs and technology specific to our Wisconsin Memory Care residents too!

MapHabit in Wisconsin

This innovative approach to dementia care leverages the power of combining assistive technology with behavior learning.

pros of maphabit

Check out MapHabit! The solutions are founded on the science of procedural memory. We utilize MapHabit across our Wisconsin memory care communities, so that our residents and staff can consistently use its visual maps and routines to stay on track, making activities of daily living (ADLs) less stressful and more likely to be successfully completed!

Not only does MapHabit make it easier for our residents to live day to day, but the consistent daily routine also helps with their memory care and mental stimulation!

map habit dementia care program

Memory Cafés

Memory Cafés provide a safe and supportive place where people with memory loss and their caregivers can connect, learn and engage with others like them. Memory Cafés are an environment for learning, support and social engagement. It’s a place to talk with others who understand what you are going through, to forget about limitations and focus on strengths, to enjoy each other’s company and to explore something new.

This regular event may include structured activities – like music or art projects – or educational events like guest speakers, along with fresh snacks and refreshments. To learn more about our upcoming Memory Cafés, please call 844-658-4475.

A Measure in Time

Music has the power to tap into long-lost memories, evoke positive feels and provide a sense of comfort and calm to those that may be easily agitated. It can also encourage movement and a sense of fun. That’s why Heritage has developed its own Music and Memory program, called A Measure in Time, to provide Wisconsin memory care residents with personalized playlists made up of music that means something to them, be it classic ballads or rock ‘n’ roll. These playlists enable many residents to converse and socialize again and to regain a sense of self.

Alternative, Non Medication Therapies

Heritage’s life enrichment staff lead activities that can lessen the need for medications, such as pet therapy, art and aroma therapies, in addition to our Music in Time program.

Innovative Techniques

Heritage Senior Living staff members utilize nationally known dementia methods to bond with and help our Wisconsin Memory Care residents. Our staff members receive regular dementia training from leaders who are Best Friends™ certified, with consultation and support from Best Friends Approach co-founder David Troxel. They also utilize Teepa Snow techniques, which can help our caregivers connect with and comfort residents on a personal level.

Monthly Activities Calendar

One much-loved aspect of our Dementia Care program is the Wisconsin Heritage Monthly Calendar, which provides themed months during which our memory care residents can participate in different Wisconsin-focused activities. Each week, Heritage offers new activities for both residents and their loved ones to enjoy. Engaging in these activities not only allows our residents to experience a sense of togetherness, but allows them the chance to learn, thrive and grow.

Honoring Life Stories

When a new resident joins one of Heritage’s Memory Care communities, a life enrichment specialist interviews family members to create the resident’s “life story,” which includes memories and preferences about the resident. These key life details – including likes, dislikes, past interests and names of important people and family members – are then woven into the resident’s individualized care plan.

Intergenerational Programming

Heritage is dedicated to providing opportunities for our memory care residents to interact with the next generation. Whether it’s an intergenerational play group with area moms and tots or a craft project with local students, Heritage’s Wisconsin Memory Care communities regularly welcome kids into the community to interact and enjoy time with our residents.

State-of-the-Art Memory Games

Heritage’s Memory Care communities are committed to providing the most state-of-the-art programming for our residents, and incorporating iPad-based brain training games is an exciting part of this. These app-based games can actually help slow the onset and progression of dementia, while also allowing us a way to measure residents’ day-to-day functioning. Our brain fitness app, which can be played one-on-one with residents and caregivers or as a larger group on a big screen, offers an array of topics and games so everyone can find something they love.

Heritage Hounds

Through our unique Heritage Hounds program, our Wisconsin Memory Care residents can participate in making and packaging dog biscuits. Making these biscuits allows our residents to engage with each other, while also fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. The program creates an atmosphere of ability and a feeling of confidence in our residents.

Heritage Memory Care Communities in Wisconsin

Complete with state-of-the-art memory care services, Heritage offers a place for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia to live a relaxing, enriching life. To find a senior living community near you, check out all of our senior communities in Wisconsin! We offer Wisconsin Memory Care Services at the following communities: