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Commitment To Innovation

Heritage Senior Living is passionate about resident health and safety. In addition to typical ADA compliance, we make regular investments in building improvements and technology to improve our residents’ care. You’ll find the following technological features at each of our communities, across all levels of care.


MapHabit is an interactive care management platform for use by our Wisconsin dementia care residents, their families, and their caregivers. MapHabit creates personalized routines for each individual, and allows caregivers and family members to stay up to date on what the resident is doing, their medication schedule, and other important care information. Family members can even communicate with professionals and caregivers to coordinate care using the communication tools available within the MapHabit app.

These schedules, or daily maps, use visual cues to make it easy for residents to follow. In addition, therapists can upload video and photo instructions on how to perform daily exercises.

MapHabit includes a cognitive engagement program that offers unique content and virtual activities that benefits residents’ cognitive, physical and emotional wellbeing. Some of these include mental acuity games and puzzles, seated stretches and gentle exercises, and guided mindfulness practice.


TrueLoo is a smart bathroom technology system designed to provide our caregivers with more information on the health and well-being of the residents.

This innovative toilet seat securely and privately monitors the toilet contents to identify and notify caregivers of any important changes in toileting. With the TrueLoo, we are able to quickly recognize if there have been changes in the frequency of toilet use and identify serious issues like blood in the stool. This is particularly helpful for residents who may be non-verbal, have cognitive issues, or unwilling to discuss their toilet behaviors.

Dele Health

Falls are one of the most prevalent accidents that occur with older adults, and can be extremely harmful, especially when not detected quickly. Dele Health’s Dele Detect Solution utilizes sensor technology to track resident movements without using video. When a fall is detected, caregivers are immediately alerted, resulting in timely care.

In addition, Dele Detect securely combines sensor data with patient information such as medications, sleep, physical activities, and diet, to identify trends and fall patterns. This data analysis allows caregivers to view residents’ individualized fall risk profiles and proactively put measures in place to prevent falls from happening.