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Aging at Home vs. Assisted Living: What’s Best for You?

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When you start to notice a change in the amount of assistance you need with daily life, it might get you wondering about your future. While you might have always planned to age in place, you might be starting to consider other options to ensure you get the daily support you need without being a burden on your family members. 

The good news is that advancements in technology and the senior care industry have made it easier for you to find an option that supports your needs while also supporting your lifestyle. To make the right decision regarding assisted living vs. home care, you must consider all your options and have open discussions with key family members.

3 Assisted Living Benefits You Should Consider

Assisted living communities provide housing and care services to seniors who can no longer continue living independently. This type of care uniquely combines housing, socialization, support services, and health care as needed. 

While there are countless assisted living benefits for residents, below are a few important ones that should factor into your decision about the future: 

  1. Flexibility – By choosing an assisted living community with a full continuum of care, you will have the flexible accommodations and support you need now and well into the future. Aging in place at home isn’t the only option. You can gracefully age in place at a senior living community that supports every stage of retirement life. 
  2. Around-the-Clock Care – Assisted living communities are equipped to handle resident issues 24/7. The varied skills of staff members ensure there is someone available to cater to your needs at a moment’s notice. Assisted living communities also offer residents reliable transportation for doctor’s appointments and excursions. 
  3. Social Activities and Amenities – By choosing the right assisted living community, you can benefit from life-enriching programming, therapy services, culinary offerings, and a variety of additional amenities. With daily exercise, baking, movie nights, book clubs, outings, and religious services all under one roof, it’s easy to maintain a fulfilling lifestyle without sacrificing your independence. 

3 At-Home Care Benefits You Should Consider

Home care is designed to offer transportation, companionship, and daily assistance for seniors living at home. In-home care is a rapidly growing service in the United States, and there are a variety of agencies and senior living communities that offer this type of senior care. 

In-home care services provide a variety of benefits for seniors and caregivers. Below are a few important ones to help you make a more informed decision about your future: 

  1. Age-in-Place – One of the biggest benefits of at-home care vs. assisted living is that you get to age in your home that you know and love. This is hugely attractive to seniors who need support daily but aren’t ready to make a major transition. 
  2. Companionship – Sometimes, you may not even need support with activities associated with daily living, but you need companionship. At-home care services provide seniors with activities to keep seniors engaged, including reading, playing games, walking, and even just talking. 
  3. Customized Care – Because at-home care happens on a one-on-one basis, you can ensure you will get the exact level of care and support you need each day. 

So, which option is right for you? When it comes to aging at home vs. assisted living, it all comes down to how much support and care you need daily. If you only need minor support and still have a good quality of life, you might benefit from in-home care. If you require more than 5-6 hours of support a day, assisted living might be a better choice in the long run. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision that you should make alongside your loved ones.

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