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How to Make Independent Living Feel Like Home: Tips for Decorating Your Apartment

Senior woman shopping for items to decorate her retirement home apartment.

When you’ve decided to move into a senior living community, it’s the start of an exciting new chapter in your retirement. But with the excitement often comes a little anxiety about the idea of starting over.

Instead of thinking of moving to assisted living as starting over, think of it as an opportunity to give yourself a new beginning. It’s your chance to create a space that’s completely your own and decorate your retirement home apartment in a way that reflects your lifestyle and accommodates your needs.

5 Tips for Decorating a Retirement Home Apartment

When moving into a senior living community, your primary goal should be to make it feel like home. When you create a comfortable and familiar space, you will feel more like yourself and find the confidence to take on this new adventure head-on.

Use these tips to decorate your independent living apartment and make it feel like your space.

1. Declutter and Downsize

This is by far the hardest thing to do when it comes to transitioning from your home to an independent living apartment. The goal is to pick and choose the items you’ll need and use when you transition to senior living. The rest can be stored, donated, or gifted to family and friends.

2. Bring Sentimental Items.

You might be tempted to bring the essentials to your new apartment, but it will never feel like home if you undervalue sentimentality. Decorate your retirement home apartment with photos, knickknacks and heirlooms that are special to you. Choose things with the very best memories attached to them so they can enrich your new life as much as they did your previous one.

3. Go Shopping.

While it’s not always practical to splurge on all-new home decor and furniture pieces, it’s important to buy a few things to make the space feel personalized. Mirrors can help to brighten a room, new photo frames can hold photos of loved ones, and a brightly colored area rug can add some personality.

4. Design for Functionality.

Think about how you’ll most often interact with the space, and create a flow that works for your everyday life. Always choose furniture pieces designed for an apartment, and make sure you have storage for items that won’t be used regularly. Decorating an independent living apartment that helps reduce stress and improve functionality is important.

5. Fill Your Space with Love.

If you chose a senior living community that allows pets, be sure to bring your furry friend right away so they can get acclimated to the new space. Invite your loved ones for a visit, and let them help you get settled in. It will instantly feel like home by surrounding your new apartment with as much love as you can.

With these simple tips, your new independent living apartment can go from boring to completely personalized. Take time when you move in to relax and rejuvenate — you’ve earned it! Over time, your apartment will feel more like home than you thought possible.

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