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How to Downsize Your Home for Retirement

Senior couple downsizing their home for retirement.

Choosing to move to a senior living community is an exciting adventure! There are plenty of features to look forward to, such as a wealth of amenities and services, delicious dining, new neighbors that become close friends and the opportunity to live the retirement lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

While there are numerous benefits when making the move to a senior living community, the process itself can seem overwhelming. Downsizing your home for retirement can take plenty of time, energy and planning – but it can also allow you to clear the clutter out of your life and surround yourself with what is most important to you.

5 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

At Heritage Senior Living, we’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks to help you with your senior living downsizing.

  1. Keep Only What is Most Important. When going through your belongings, ask yourself, “Do I need this, and is it important?” By digging deep and answering these questions, you’re able to choose the items that are most important to you to surround yourself with in your new home. This question will help you clear your clutter and narrow your possessions to only the ones that you need.
  2. Make a Plan for Unwanted Items. When downsizing, there will be plenty of belongings you don’t want to bring to your new home. Whether it’s a couch you won’t use or old clothes you don’t wear anymore, create a plan of what to do with these items. We recommend dividing these items into three categories: sell, donate or trash.
  3. Stay Organized. Organization is key when making a move. Develop a process that works for you to stay on track: this can be boxing items according to rooms, keeping labels on everything or maintaining a written list of activities you need to do.
  4. Set a Goal. While the overall goal of downsizing your home can seem overwhelming, break this larger goal down into smaller goals to stay focused on the task at hand. Goals can be anything from staging a specific room by the end of the week to clearing out a drawer before lunch.
  5. Enjoy the Process. Yes – the downsizing process can be frustrating at times. But choosing to make the move to senior living offers you an exciting opportunity to create a new home for yourself to enjoy during your retirement years. In the end, the positives will shine through!

Find Vibrant Senior Living at Heritage Senior Living Communities

Once you know it’s time to sell your house to downsize, the next step is finding your new home. Heritage Senior Living offers a vibrant senior living community to enjoy your golden years. A comfortable living space, daily enrichment activities, peace of mind for the future, neighbors that become friends and more can be found at Heritage communities. To learn more, find a community near you or contact our expert team today.

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