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How Do I Talk to My Parents about Senior Living?

A senior woman and her adult child talking about the move to senior living.

We all want what’s best for our loved ones. And, as you watch your parents age, you may realize that their living situation isn’t the best fit for their needs. There may be a concern over safety or finances. Maybe they need access to additional services to achieve a more independent lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, you might realize it’s time to talk to your parents about the move to a senior living community.

Senior living communities offer older adults the services and comfort they’re looking for to achieve their ideal retirement lifestyle. And while approaching the topic of senior living can seem stressful, it doesn’t have to be. To prepare for a conversation with your parents about moving to senior living, follow some of these tips below.

4 Tips to Talking to Your Parents about Downsizing to a Senior Living Community

    1. Prepare what you’re going to say. Before you start the conversation with your parents, sit down and think about what you plan to say. Do your research to understand their options and how exactly the move to a senior living community can benefit them. These benefits can include increased access to care, less home maintenance or even more social opportunities. It may be helpful to create a list of talking points that you want to go through during the discussion, so you don’t forget any of the valuable benefits of senior living.
    2. Approach the conversation with empathy, not sympathy. Listening will be the key to handling this conversation in a positive manner. Instead of doing all the talking, give your parents the time and space to communicate their frustrations and concerns. Affirm their feelings with responses like, “I understand what you mean” or “that makes sense.” Show your parents that you understand what they’re going through instead of feeling sorry for them.
    3. Be ready for objections. There’s a chance your parents may bring objections to the table when you start the conversation about moving to a senior living community. Common objections include, “I’m not ready yet”, “I can’t afford it”, and “I don’t want to leave my home.” Try to predict what objections your parents may make about moving to a senior living community, then plan responses that introduce all the benefits and features senior living communities provide.
    4. Don’t rush the decision. Once you have the conversation, give your parents some time to soak it all in. While you may have been considering this solution for some time now, this may be the first time they have thought about downsizing and moving to a senior living community. You’ll probably have multiple discussions before they come to a final decision, so be patient and understanding.

Discover How to Talk to Your Parents about Downsizing to Heritage Senior Living

At Heritage Senior Living, we understand all too well that you want what’s best for your parents. Our company’s founder and CEO, Milo Pinkerton, was motivated to create Heritage Senior Living because of his parents’ need for additional care. He used his experience in real estate and architecture to create homelike senior housing with a variety of care levels – including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living and Memory Care. Heritage’s mission is to create vibrant communities that feel like home, provide quality care and employ compassionate caregivers who treat our residents as if they were their own family.

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