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11 Fun Indoor Spring Activities for Seniors

While it’s easy to get excited about springtime’s warmer temperatures, budding trees and colorful flowers, the season also brings with it the chance some rain could fall on your parade. That’s why this blog post is filled with indoor activities for seniors featuring spring crafts that allow everyone to enjoy the season while staying dry.

Add Some Spring to Your Indoor Activities

  1. Bring spring inside: Now’s the perfect time to start an indoor herb garden with basil, oregano and parsley. Start some flower seeds you can add to outdoor pots later. Add some new indoor plants. Or even pick up a miniature bonsai tree.
  2. Clean sweep: Nothing makes your space feel bigger and more organized than a little spring cleaning. You can go through keepsakes and old photos with your family and clear out unnecessary clutter.
  3. Start fresh: Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. That makes it a great time to learn a new skill like flower arrangement, knitting, or a new language. Or you can revive an existing hobby like writing, genealogy, photography, or painting. 
  4. Refresh your look: Treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Invite friends and family over and give each other manicures. Or get some face masks and just sit back and relax. Feeling pampered is sure to boost everyone’s mood.
  5. Spring breeze: Pick up a wind chime kit to put together and hang it from your balcony, patio, or porch.
  6. For the birds: Spring is when the birds and the bees do their thing. Give our feathered friends a place to raise their family by buying some plain birdhouses and decorating them with paint and beads. You can then hang them in a tree or just display them around your house. 
  7. Wreath of fresh air: Add a spring wreath to your front door. Start with a simple, plain wreath, then weave silk flowers throughout the wreath or wrap it in a spring ribbon.
    If you like, add colorful plastic eggs and a small toy rabbit.
  8. Flat flowers: Take a walk outside and collect small wild flowers. Next, arrange them nicely on a sheet of waxed paper and press them between another sheet of waxed  paper using a heavy book. For best results, let the flowers press overnight. Once completely flat, you can frame them or laminate them into a bookmark.
  9. Picture this: Repurpose a plain wooden picture frame by decorating it with silk flowers, ribbon or beads. Then add a picture of you and a loved one to enjoy all year long.
  10. Plant your flag: To make a garden flag, start with a rectangle of outdoor fabric. Fold down the top a few inches and sew or glue the fabric to create an opening for your flag holder or string. Then add decorations like ribbon or shapes made out of fabric. You can even use fabric pens to write a word or phrase.
  11. Yes, You May: Make some May baskets by rolling decorative paper into a cone and adding a yarn handle. Next clip some flowering trees and bushes or pick some wildflowers to add to your basket. Then you can brighten your neighbors’ day by hanging them from their front door knobs. 

More Than a Spring Fling

We hope you found this list of 11 indoor activities for seniors helpful. At Heritage Senior Living, we offer an engaging and active lifestyle all year round. You can explore all our communities to find your perfect one or contact us here to learn more.