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30 Holiday Gift Ideas for Loved Ones in Assisted Living

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The holidays can be the happiest time of year for so many of us. Getting together with family and friends, following traditions, and exchanging meaningful gifts make it truly a time of comfort and joy. Loved ones in assisted living may seem difficult to shop for, but we have so many ideas for you, you’re bound to find just the right gifts for assisted living residents.

Personalized gifts are extra meaningful, so keep this in mind as you look through the list. And remember that oftentimes, gifts for assisted living residents need to take up as little space as possible. If you know their interests and hobbies, you’re well on your way to the perfect holiday gift. 

  1. A gift card to a favorite restaurant, retailer, specialty store or salon. 
  2. A box of stationery and greeting cards complete with envelopes and stamps.
  3.  Journals and a set of quality pens.
  4. Art supplies like brushes and paints, colored pencils with quality paper, markers, and adult coloring books.
  5. Puzzles of their preference sudoku, crossword puzzles, word search books, board puzzles.
  6. A magazine subscription to a publication of a favorite topic or hobby.
  7. Quality slippers and a bathrobe, or warm, comfortable pajamas.
  8. Skin care supplies lotions or a manicure kit for women, or a quality shaving kit for men.
  9. A calendar to hang on the wall, available in large print, or custom printed with family photos.
  10. Any supplies for a favorite hobby knitting, etc.
  11. A warm lap blanket a classic favorite gift for assisted living residents.
  12. A case of a favorite beverage they may not have regular access to, like a soda or juice.
  13. Digital photo frames preloaded with lots of pictures of the family, especially the grandkids.
  14. An iPod or other digital music player loaded with favorite music, depending on their level of tech savviness.
  15. Fill a memory box with special mementos and photos these sorts of gifts for assisted living residents can be especially beneficial for someone with dementia.
  16. Plants or potted flowers that will bloom for some time. You might even consider a Flower of the Month club so they’re reminded how much you love them all through the year.
  17. A large-print wall clock or alarm clock radio with large-print digital display.
  18. A reading lamp. 
  19. A bird feeder to put right outside the window.
  20. An e-reader or tablet loaded with several books for an avid reader.

When it comes to gifts for assisted living residents, of course the best gift of all is the gift of time together. Time spent with your loved one, either at their assisted living community or at home with you, can bring more joy to the heart of your loved one than anything you could possibly buy. Here are some ideas on how to spend your time together:

  1. Holiday card writing parties. Bring the family together to write cards to other family members and loved ones. Kids can improve their writing skills, and grandparents can share stories and demonstrate the importance of letter writing. 
  2. Record a family video together have a tech-savvy family member record, edit, and share with family and friends. 
  3. If transportation can be arranged, go out to a special event like “The Nutcracker” ballet or a Christmas tree lighting. 
  4. Make holiday crafts together, like paper wreaths, and deliver them to friends in assisted living who may not have family able to visit.
  5. Decorate cookies together and then deliver them to friends and staff. 
  6. Have a holiday party for decorating the senior apartment, and make sure there’s a way to play some joyful holiday music.
  7. Make a holiday stories book everyone writes down a favorite holiday memory or two and assembles them into a family collage. 
  8. Photobook guessing game seniors can point to photos in an album or pull them from a box, and the grandkids guess what year they were taken. Stories and memories are sure to ensue. 
  9. Have a gift-wrapping party with holiday music playing and maybe some traditional holiday treats as snacks. 
  10. Take family photos while you’re together and load them onto a digital frame right there.

Happiness, the Whole Year Through

If you want to give your loved one the gift of a wonderful assisted living experience, or if they need any sort of enhanced assisted living care, Heritage Senior Living communities have so much to offer. To find out more, contact us.