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Are Your Parents Ready for Senior Living?

Woman embracing her aging parent after a conversation about senior living.

Aging doesn’t happen all at once. Over time, you begin to see small changes in your parents and loved ones that you may not have noticed before. It may start bringing up questions that you never considered. What are the options for my loved one as they age? Is it time for senior living? How do I approach the conversation with my loved one?

Making the decision to seek ongoing support for a loved one is a major decision, and it is one that takes research, open lines of communication and family support.

The Top 5 Signs it’s Time for Senior Living

While it is unlikely that your loved one has thought about senior living communities, in some cases you might decide it is the best option for keeping them safe, healthy and emotionally fulfilled. The difficult part is making the determination as to the right time. It’s a highly personal decision and depends heavily on how well they are managing their health and day-to-day life while living independently.

Below are 5 key signs that it might be time to start the conversation about senior living with your loved one.

  1. Care is Becoming CumbersomeOne of the biggest and most obvious signs that it might be time to consider senior living for your parents is when their needs change. If you, as a caregiver, start to notice your loved one getting more frustrated with tasks associated with everyday life or see an increase in the level of support they need from you, it could be time to take the next step toward senior living.
  2. The Need for Medical Care is IncreasingWhether from falls and accidents or worsening chronic health conditions, if you notice your loved one is needing medical attention more frequently, it could be a sign they are no longer safe to live on their own. Senior living communities can offer a variety of levels of care in a way that supports your loved one’s health and wellness.
  3. Feelings of Loneliness are GrowingIt’s not uncommon for an aging parent to feel a sense of loneliness over time. When friends or a spouse has passed away and their social circle is shrinking, you may find their emotional health is suffering. Senior living communities offer the companionship your loved one needs for their emotional wellbeing, one of the many benefits senior living will offer them.
  4. Mood Swings are More FrequentEveryone gets frustrated from time to time, but if you start to notice your loved one is getting angry, frustrated or aggressive more often than normal, it could be time to consider your options. Aggression could be a sign that your loved one is struggling with everyday life and they need to be in an environment that supports health and happiness.
  5. Housework is NeglectedPaying bills, cleaning the house, throwing out expired food and doing laundry can become daunting tasks as your loved one ages. If you start to notice clutter piling up or past-due bills, it could be a good time to talk about the benefits of senior living. A maintenance-free lifestyle offers a huge benefit to your parent.

Start the Conversation with Help from Heritage Senior Living

When approaching the conversation about senior living, it’s important the conversation is about enhancing life for your parent and not about what is being lost. At Heritage Senior Living, our approach is unique. Our full-time licensed nurses and 24/7 staff ensure residents receive the ongoing care and support they need, while still allowing them to maintain as much independence as they want. Let us help you start the conversation with your loved one. Contact us today to learn more about our senior living options and to schedule a tour.